About Capex

Simone, a.k.a. “Capex“,

born in 1973, begin to interest in tattooing in 1989, when he decides to tattooing himself with improvised crafts.

Almost as a joke, after got his first tattoo from a friend in 1990, he begin to tattooing in 1991 some friends with handicraft handmade means, when he decides to embark for the difficult way to purchase the first serious tools.

After experiments, selfmade machines and a constant demand increase, Capex arrives, in the middle 90′s, to organize one “tattoo-room” at home up to the opening his professional tattoo shop. You can consider him a real self-taught person, in fact he has never worked as apprentice in any tattoo shop. He always attended conventions, travveling in many sides of the world, got tattooed in many shops and learning the work like a real artisan. Among the numerous works on his own body, proudly wear indiscriminately from the author or from the quality, besides those selfmade or made by his friends, there are works of artists like Marco Pisa, Horiyoshi III, Brad Fink and many others.

Capex is a professional tattoo artist, owner of “Great Seal Tattoo Lodge” in Montecatini Terme (Tuscany) and works at tattoo conventions in Italy and in other foreign countries, over that to work like guest artist in european and american tattoo shops.

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